BIC GROUP Debuts Elevating B2B Healthcare Transactions

[Tokyo March 8th] BIC GROUP Announces Launch of A Revolutionary B2B Ecommerce Platform Connecting Medical Healthcare Manufacturers and Healthcare Professionals

Tokyo, Japan – BIC GROUP, a dynamic healthcare company dedicated to advancing the industry through innovation and excellence, proudly unveils, a transformative B2B eCommerce platform poised to redefine interactions between medical healthcare manufacturers and healthcare professionals.

Scheduled to debut on March 8th, 2024, heralds a new era in the medical landscape, providing a comprehensive solution for seamless transactions and heightened connectivity.

Tailored for the Japanese market, serves as a centralized marketplace where medical healthcare manufacturers can exhibit and promote their approved products, while hospitals and clinics can efficiently procure a diverse array of offerings at competitive prices.

Key features of include:

– Streamlined Accessibility: Manufacturers can effortlessly showcase and promote their offerings to a broader audience, expanding their reach and impact.

– Efficient Procurement: Hospitals and clinics gain access to an extensive catalog of products, streamlining the procurement process with competitive pricing options.

– Enhanced Connectivity: fosters collaborations within the medical industry, fostering meaningful interactions between manufacturers and clinics/hospitals.

Indika Bandara, Founder and President at BIC GROUP, expressed enthusiasm, stating: “We are thrilled to introduce, a game-changing platform that promises to elevate the efficiency and effectiveness of medical eCommerce. With its intuitive interface and robust features, will streamline operations and inspire innovation within the industry.”

BIC GROUP extends a warm invitation to medical healthcare manufacturers and healthcare professionals to join the community and embrace the future of medical eCommerce firsthand.


BIC GROUP is a leading provider of innovative solutions in the healthcare industry, committed to redefining standards through expertise, cutting-edge products, and tailored consulting services. Our mission is to address the diverse needs of our clients and drive progress in healthcare through innovative solutions.

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