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BIC GROUP is a healthcare company that actively engages in product sales, strategic management consulting, and executive search services.

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What we offer

We provide an extensive array of products and comprehensive consulting services.

Elevating Medical Solutions: Our array of medical products and technologies stands resolutely at the forefront of innovation. Ranging from advanced medical tools to groundbreaking IVD diagnostics, digital health, and vital nutri supplements, we are unwavering in our dedication to expanding the horizons of healthcare possibilities.

Empowering Through Consulting: Our team of seasoned experts offers insightful guidance that charts the course to success. Whether it involves navigating regulations or devising strategies for expansion, we stand by you on your transformative journey.

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Medical, IVD Products, Services, Solutions


Supplements Pharma products, Services, Solutions

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CSR Activities

BIC GROUP is committed to helping communities where we live and work.

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Spreading Smiles Worldwide: BIC GROUP’s Dedication to Children’s Well-Being

We recently donated $1000 worth of jump ropes to children in Uganda, bringing joy and play to their lives. This is just one of our ongoing efforts to support children’s well-being and education worldwide. We’re dedicated to providing opportunities for growth, learning, and happiness to youth, recognizing their importance for the future. 

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