Local Representation Services

BIC provides one-stop shop consulting services to Pharmaceutical, biotechnology, Medical device, IVD, Life science and Consumer healthcare companies.

Entering a new market is very much like a start-up situation. There is no “one strategy” for all Asian markets. Asian countries have their own ways of doing business, but there are also many similarities in business among the countries. Learning local rules of business is probably the first key to a successful market entry. Our industry specialized team provides expert advice and support for our clients to develop localized strategies.

Each service is customized to meet the unique needs of each client. Contact us to learn how BIC could be a valuable addition to your business in Japan and the APAC Region.

Partner Search

BIC supports you from start to finish; from identifying the right partner companies to the deal-closure and representation phases.

Partner Selection Process
  • Partner search based on your Non Confidential information
  • Short list of target potential companies
  • Contact target potential companies on your behalf
  • Coordinate meetings with interested companies and follow up
  • Assist in negotiating agreements
Optional Services
  • Assign a dedicated project consultant
  • Provide written status report by monthly and telephone / web – conferencing when needed
  • Conduct meetings to explain the above monthly status report and discuss next month’s action plan
  • Communication via e-mail or teleconference with the designated consultant
  • Translation and interpretation services
Designated Marketing Authorization Holder (DMAH) services

BIC has First-Class (allowed to handle all classes ) Marketing Authorization Holder (MAH) licenses and Manufacture licenses (Packaging, Labelling and Storage) of Medical Devices and IVDs, which allow us to represent wide range of our client’s products in Japan.

Representation and Office Services

Following successful completion of partner search, we can provide our clients with representation and office services to ensure long-term business success.

Representation Services
  • Local business partners relationship management
  • Potential customer network building
  • Trade Shows, Professional Societies and Conferences presence, preparation and follow-up
  • Sales & marketing support
Office Services
  • Receive the calls by your company name
  • Provide any necessary communication support between you and your business partners
  • Utilization of BIC conference room for business meetings
  • Provide written status report by monthly and telephone / web conferencing when needed
Employer Of Record (EOR) Services

What is BIC EOR? BIC overtakes the legal responsibilities of hiring and paying your employees, including dealing with employee taxes, benefits, insurance, etc. Japan labor law can be complex and confusing. Using BIC EOR gives you the opportunity to manage your time more efficiently and effectively.

Company formations Japan

This option is for companies seeking to establish a branch office in Japan. BIC provides various preparatory services to set up clients business in Japan.

  • Establish entity or branch
  • Supply chain for distribution channel
  • Develop business plan with SWOT analysis
  • Accounting services
  • Human Resources
  • Executive Search
  • Interim Management
Our Consultants

Our Best IClass (BIC) team is made up of remarkable consultants with a proven track record in the industry and in their specialist areas. All our management consultants have previously held various leadership roles in multinationals within the industry. Many of our scientific consultants hold MDs, PhDs. or R.Phs.

We have decades of experience, and a proven track record in supporting foreign healthcare companies that have succeeded in the region. We have an extensive and broad knowledge of the industry and a wide-ranging network of contacts within industry executives. We can therefore provide you with a comprehensive insight into your needs.

Our Work / Case Examples

  • Development and Maintenance of Cortellis Regulatory Intelligence database – Clarivate Analytics (present)
  • “The BIC GROUP has allowed our small US-based company to accelerate our growth in Japan while shielding us from the headaches of Local Representation Services.” CEO of US Life Science Software Company. (present)