BIC Executive Search is a leading Executive Search and Consulting firm, headquarters in Tokyo Japan and offices in the Asia Pacific Region. We specialize exclusively in the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medical Devices, Life Science, Diagnostics, Consumer Healthcare and related industries. BIC clients range from start-ups to major international companies.

BIC Executive Search has an excellent reputation in placing executives and next generation leaders to healthcare companies s in Japan and internationally.

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Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

Pharmaceutical industry is one of the fastest-growing and rapidly changing industries in the Asia-Pacific Region.

Medical Devices

Our Best In Class team have a proven track record in the industry filling numerous hard-to-fill positions from the startups to major international companies.

Diagnostics IVD

BIC conducts Senior-level Searches in all the functions in the Diagnostics IVD industries.

Bio Science

BIC conducts Senior-level Searches in all the functions in the Bio Science (clinical & research instruments, reagents, software/services) industries.

Consumer Healthcare

BIC conducts Senior-level Searches in all the functions in the Consumer Healthcare industries.

About BIC Exective Search

Our Headquarters

BIC GROUP headquarters are located in Japan’s most prestigious business district of Marunouchi, which is in Chiyoda ward between Tokyo Station and the Imperial Palace where easily accessible by train, subway or car. We welcome you to visit us for a meeting to discuss your situation in the privacy of our office.

We will travel to you

BIC can also arrange to visit you during the day for lunch or coffee. BIC does its best to accommodate the schedules of the people we serve. We can schedule same day visits to most business areas in Tokyo.


If you can single out an area that makes a good executive search consultant, then most people will say listening skills. That is only one part of the process though, because a successful consultant is also very good at conveying details as well. This back and forth dialogue works well for everybody.


“People person” or charismatic is often the description we hear about ourselves. This is a great compliment, but it reflects that BIC GROUP consultants really do meet the best people. It is a pleasure to perform our service.


We come from very different backgrounds, but respect for others is a basic rule we follow at BIC.


BIC is a great group of successful business people that enjoy working with one another. We work well with our partners and have a great time meeting all the talented people we deal with daily.


More than a firm shake or direct look in the eye, BIC consultants talk frankly and directly with people. Search is a very serious business that affects people’s lives and we take our roles very seriously and professionally.



Rapport BIC methodology is quite simple. As executive search consultants, we must first understand our clients’ needs. Understanding your client goes way beyond being able to review a job description. Other important elements include the market situation both in Japan and globally, the factors and reasons behind the company’s success, finding and sourcing candidates from top competitors, and the culture of the company. Because our business is people, BIC consultants are good communicators. Part skill, part art, that is how we become the best.


Forward BIC consultants have the skill and experience to bring both sides together step-by-step through the entire recruitment process. We help make deals that leave both sides looking forward to the upside and to a successful future. Our executive search consultants work to ensure that communication flows quickly and evenly. This transparency results in more openness and trust. This is the BIC way.


Trust going through the recruitment process, whether this is your first time or moving to a seat on the board is a stressful process. Your proven talents are desired by our client. We know this is both an exciting as well as confusing process. BIC will work closely with you, find the answers you need, identify the issues, coordinate your negotiations, even loan you our pen to sign the contract. We are by your side the whole way.


BIC understanding. Whether you are a potential client or successful business professional, BIC, simply put, can help you achieve your purpose. Companies achieve success with the right people. Human Capital is the most difficult area to anticipate within every business, but people ARE your company. Successful hires of choice professionals are fundamental to capturing success and sustaining growth.

REACH in today’s employment market, finding the right people to hire or finding the best opportunity is more complex than ever before. Talk with us to see how we can help you achieve your goals.

professionals are the drivers for our clients’ success. BIC executive search consultants are trained and experienced in understanding your career development. Beyond just moving up to the next level, BIC can help broaden your perspective for your career path and find new directions you can explore. Our skill success depends on getting you to reach your goals and maximize your potential.